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Homepage - Connectors

AMETEK SCP designs, develops and manufactures a complete range of rugged and reliable electrical and fiber optic connectors for extreme environments and critical applications.
Homepage - Cable

AMETEK SCP can offer a comprehensive solution for all of your rubber molding requirements from connector design to a complete cable assembly for most applications
Homepage - Hull Penetrators

AMETEK SCP is a world leader in the design and manufacture of submarine hull penetrators that feature: M24231 Series, both Single Through Hull and Multi-Port Through Hull and Utilize Copper Contacts, Fiber Termini, Coax, RF microwave, Hybrid, Ethernet
Homepage - Gigabit

For explosive shock, vibration, deep submergence or harsh surface requirements, Ametek SCP’s Rugged Gigabit Ethernet Connectors.
Homepage - Fiber

AMETEK SCP has designed the world’s first glass sealed hermetic High Temperature High Pressure Fiber Optic Feed thru for use in the demanding world of upstream oil and gas exploration. Designed and tested to withstand 30,000 PSI at 200ºC, Ametek SCP’s products have seen service for extended periods of time in down hole environments.
Homepage - Tool Insets

AMETEK SCP’s hermetically sealed Down Hole Tool (DHT) inserts are designed to withstand demanding conditions in the upstream exploration and production segment of the oil and gas industry. Of rugged construction, field proven materials, tested and inspected to meet the challenging needs of the industry. SCP’s DHT product line is suitable for use in all aspects of down hole exploration, onshore and offshore.
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