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Worldwide Manufacturer of Underwater Connectors and Interconnect Systems 
AMETEK SCP is the leading manufacturer of underwater electrical and optical connectors and cable assemblies for military and commercial markets.

AMETEK SCP is located in Westerly, Rhode Island within a modern 32,000 square foot manufacturing facility, which was recently acquired to fulfill the rapidly expanding business commitments.

With over 20 years of meeting customer's specific requirements, A SCP is able to offer over 2,500 different products and is committed to providing interconnect systems that best suit a market defined by continually evolving needs. Our corporate philosophy emphasizes flexibility, responsiveness, staying ahead of market requirements and meeting the highest quality standards.

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Specializing in glass to metal seals, feed thrus, electrical devices, and high technology underwater fiber optic connectors and cable assemblies.

Applications in extreme environments, such as undersea, downhole, nuclear and aerospace, provide the most common uses for these products. Others include naval surface, transportation and military land systems.

AMETEK SCP also provides custom molding services in the area of rubber, polyurethane and epoxy molding and custom configurations.

In-House Engineering Excellence

AMETEK SCP's in-house engineering offers assistance in all aspects of customer design and fabrication. Connectors can be designed to withstand up to 20,000 psi with temperature ratings good for 500-600F.

Testing for helium leak detection, hydrostatic testing, mechanical and electrical testing is a further example of the total technical capabilities of AMETEK SCP.

Quality Control

AMETEK SCP offers a full ISO 9001 quality system and is qualified as Level 1 Sub Safe approved. Qualifications are also held from the government on MIL-C-24217 and MIL-C-24132 and NAVSEA Molding Manual S9320-AM-Pro-020/Rev.2, PPD Fiber Optic/Hybrid Requirements, and UK MOD PTS14299.


For information regarding MIL-Specs, click here to be connected to the ASSIST Quick Search page.

For MIL-Spec Mil-C-24217 enter "24217" in the documents number field.

For MIL-Spec Mil-C-24231 enter "24231" in the documents number field.

At the "Results" page click on the icon next to the page number for PDFs that include dimensions and other specifications.

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