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Custom Engineered Solutions

Custom Engineered Solutions and Capabilities

AMETEK SCP maintains a staff of talented design and manufacturing engineers, capable of accomplishing harsh environment engineered solutions of all kinds. Our talent includes Electrical, RF, Coax, Ethernet and Fiber optic connectivity design solutions, for complex, difficult environmental conditions. In addition to connectivity solutions, our engineers frequently also include designs for subsea components such as pressure vessels, strength terminations and associated structures.

Systems Approach to Connectivity Design

Our Systems Engineering Team is responsible for the technical direction of all development work. The team provides technical leadership and engineering management for all engineering and development activities, and confirms system requirements and compliance. Responsibilities encompass all phases of system development from concept formulation, systems analysis, design and development to equipment integration and test installation and instrumentation. By providing an end to end connectivity solution in parallel to system design, we can optimize the resultant product design in terms of delivery schedule, product cost, and connectivity performance.

Design Engineering Group

Our Design Engineering Team is responsible for equipment design, component selection, mechanical design, packaging, reliability and maintainability, safety, standards and configuration control. Technical personnel provide conceptual designs, participate in design reviews, analyses and trade studies. We review and oversee related drafting and documentation preparation; develop, test, and evaluate equipment; support system-level and pre-production testing; and perform Failure modes, Effects and Criticality Analyses (FMECA).

Our Process Engineering Team ensures continuous improvement and long-term cost reduction efforts, with the development of new fabrication methods and process controls. Our engineering services cover not just design, but can also extend to examining particular processes and process controls to reduce defects, enhance reliability, and reduce costs associated with a particular design, without necessarily altering the design specification itself. Also, our process engineering applies not just to internal manufacturing, but also field installation work. We use our process engineering group to create detailed processes and procedures for technicians in the field (both our own, and our customers’).

System Trade Studies
System level trade studies are conducted during the development phase to minimize areas of risk and optimize design. These studies include but are not limited to, the following:
  • Investigation of connector mold angles
  • Investigation of requirements for cable and assembly dimensions, lengths
  • Investigation of optimal connector layouts

All technical data generated is entered in a centralized data bank maintained by the CM/ILS Manager. Technical data consists of the following type of material:
  • Technical and design memos
  • Results of computer simulation and analysis
  • Design Review results and action
  • Results of trade studies and analyses


AMETEK SCP has integrated a design-to-cost methodology into its engineering effort. Our DTC program allows production cost to be treated as a parameter equal in importance to performance and schedule. When system trade studies are evaluated, DTC considerations are included.

Project Planning, Design and Milestone Review

Project Planning and Milestone Reviews are part of our normal business process. Design reviews are performed in accordance with MIL-STD-1521B, Appendix D, Preliminary Design Review, and Appendix E, Critical Design Review. In addition, special design reviews are held when significant reliability or performance problems are identified. Special design reviews may be called by the customer or by AMETEK SCP.