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Project Management

AMETEK SCP has successfully managed numerous projects varying in degrees of complexity for both military and commercial customers. Each project is controlled within the ISO 9001 quality plan and specifically detailed to meet the customer requirements.

Project Management Organization

The Project Management Organization (PMO) has been established to supply the leadership and to perform the control and task monitoring activity needed to direct the efficient performance of the production contract. The AMETEK SCP's PMO is organized to provide consistent and efficient project direction; it is staffed with experienced personnel and draws heavily upon demonstrated experience and related project management experience. Task responsibility assignments within the AMETEK SCP' PMO provide clean lines of control, reporting, and direction. The AMETEK SCP' PMO is structured with emphasis in areas of design/development, manufacturing, test and evaluation, field support, CM/ILS support, scheduling and cost management. The following positions fill the roles of the AMETEK SCP' PMO:

•Project Manager
•Technical Project Manager
•Production Manager
•Quality Manager
•CM/ILS Manager
•Field Support Manager
•Financial Staff

Project Management Control

Institution of tight project control requires close and effective communications. To guarantee effective communication, a straightforward system of problem reporting and resolution is established. The central element in this system is the weekly staff meeting. Each PMO staff member who, presents status, reports problems, and proposes solutions to problem areas attends this meeting.

The weekly staff meeting is intended to provide updates on all situations to the Project Manager and to others, but it is not considered a substitute for personal communication between staff members. All problems, which require crossing lines of responsibility, are assigned actions by the Project Manager at the weekly meeting, if not resolved prior to that meeting.

In addition to and in support of weekly meetings, weekly status reports are compiled and issued. These reports are originated by responsible engineers and managers and include such items as task progress, weekly costs, material shortages, subcontract status, and monthly cost/schedule status reports. Imposition of the AMETEK SCP's Cost/Schedule Control System disciplines creates the need for detailed monthly analyses of task status and costs along with monthly projections of progress and analysis of significant variance from projections. Generation of this data is in the form of the monthly Cost Performance Report (CPR).

In addition to internal reports and status meetings, which ensure day-to-day control over program activities, a series of formal reports and reviews are scheduled to provide the customer with insight into progress of all project activity. Monthly progress reports are provided which detail status of design and development efforts, test results, status of deliverable data and related activity. The CPR is issued monthly to provide cost and schedule status of each task. Program reviews are scheduled at intervals, at which all status information, technical matters, and task progress is presented.

The combination of informal communication, regular status reviews, formal reports and direct lines of reporting within the project management structure and with team leaders, guarantees an effective measure of project control.