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Fiber Optic

HPHT Glass Seal Fiber Feedthrough

AMETEK has made significant investments in its facilities for optical component development, qualification and production by the commissioning of temperature controlled and monitored hydrostatic pressure vessels, adding manufacturing facilities for fiber preparation, inspection, sealing preparation and optical performance evaluation. These new facilities position AMETEK HSC to be a frontrunner in harsh environment hermetic optical components, with in-house capability to develop, manufacture, process and test products resulting in highly reliable solutions to support today and tomorrow’s optical component needs. Below is a snapshot of some of these capabilities:

• Engineering, Design & Product Development Programs

• Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

• Environmental Test Facilities - Thermal and Pressure 204deg C (400deg F) @ 2,069bar (30KPSI)

• Combined Pressure and Temperature Testing

• Fiber Preparation and Machine Polishing

• Window Stripping

• Fusion Slicing

• Fiber Optic Inspection and Analysis